I am and I admit it!

I love books, possibly as much as crafting supplies. I love to read, and I love to feel a book in my hands. I'd guess that almost 90% of my collection is hardback, so they live all over my house in little stacks and piles. I've recently started organizing, and trying to get my books back in some semblance of order. They *were* in subject and alphabetical order before our move, but they didn't get to the new house that way.

I've been cleaning like crazy, and I have a stack to list on my etsy supply shop. I've got lots of paper crafting books to list mostly, card making and scrapbooking. I do have a couple of fun odds and ends like a book on how to make the real-deal teddy bear. It's an amazing book, great patterns, and cool project but I've come to terms with it- that I'm never going to actually *make* a teddy bear.

I've also been listing noncrafty books on bookmooch.com or registering them with bookcrossing.com and leaving them places. They're both awesome sites, with the same theory about passing on books to others for free. Bookmooch runs on a points system, and you can import an amazon wishlist and "mooch" books as they become available. I'm getting rid of all sorts of odds and ends, and acquiring cool new books in the process. It don't totally get rid of the books, but there's less around? Does that count?

Check them out- they're both well worth the time.
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