I ordered more of these beautiful fairy filigree wings in both silver and gold and they make me so happy! they're all spread out on my desk waiting to be made into beautiful things! I also received some art deco inspired wings with simple classic lines that I *LOVE*. One pair or each will definitely be for me!

I though I was caught up on all of my orders, both for etsy and for bookmooch, and they I was thrown for a loop today. One of my neighbors came and knocked on my door and handed me the dame bag I left out for the post man the other day.... full of packages that had been opened and rifled. The left the books (though I'm going to have to reprint/repay for mailing them), the DVDs were in there from netflix though the envelope was gone, and some of the jewelry was there but not all. So, I'm remaking orders this evening and desperately seeking components I know I have more of somewhere...

Ugh. Why? Do you have nothing better to do than take my mail going out? come on now. Sorry I'm frustrated and venting this evening.
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  1. I'm so sorry that happened to you, but the wings are lovely.

  2. Sing Yee Says:

    You must have been so frustrated. :( Sorry that it happened.

    My first Etsy order was from a girl in Israel. I was so happy, and I mailed out the package. Then, a week after that, the same package arrived at my door with a note from the Head of Malaysian Post Office saying that Malaysian postal service does not send mail to Israel, and vice versa. I was totally devastated. What would my customer be thinking? Such long time for shipping. Then I sorted things out with her and she agreed that I send her package to my brother in the UK, and he'd send it to her.

    Please don't feel discouraged. Have faith that things will be ok. :)

    Oh, and you've been tagged. :) Check out my blog for details. :)