(warning mild profanity ahead)
If you haven't been passed on this link to Locher's you must simply check it out. They fuse deceptively sweet tops with classic styling and delicate embroidery. They jump out as being different because of what they say and how they say it. This shirt is simple my favorite (since I'm a caffeine junky), it simply says, "I really need a fucking coffee." Others says things like "I hate Children," "Dirty Little Lovemaker," and "I don't play nice."

The line was started by a nice little swiss girl "straight out of the sound of music" who discovered a vintage hankie with exquisite embroidery. She realized that the embroidery was special and that work of that class is rarely found today. She became determined to bring back quality embroidery on tops that would be fashionable today and to combine those two spirits. Her current line fuses each embroidered blouse or shirt with a playfully dirty saying. She says her tops are "something mommy wouldn't wear and daddy shouldn't see," calling the line "perversion with a touch of class."

Check them out!
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    Great stuff!

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