I have to admit that while I love to cook, life gets in the way of making delicious goodies. I had seen a post that gemma made that she had ordered sinfully delicious cookies from thecountrybaker over at etsy. So the other night in a fit of chocolate cravings and PMS, I ordered both a "Three Fudge Sampler" and a "Surprise Box." I came home today and there was a nice box on my porch.... I was surprised to note that even though it was 85 today, the fudge was not melted! (it was soft, but not liquid).

Soooo goood. The "Surprise Box" was filled with individually wrapped little bars, cookies, and fudge. So far I've tried two different types of cookies and some Double Dark Fudge. I can *feel* the pounds packing on...

They also offer packages for troops in service to our country, and if you don't know someone but want to help they maintain a list of troops who are more than willing to receive extra goodies.

A quick additional shoutout to themommyandmeboutique who did a neat little feature on some of my bobbies on her blog.
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  1. Caroline Says:

    And here I thought Etsy was calorie-free! Boy was I wrong. Now I want fudge...

  2. Mmm...I've been craving fudge for a while. Maybe I should just give in.