Tropical Bobbies
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I was unintentionally super crafty last night. I tried to lay in bed a read a book, and fell asleep very early, somewhere around 5 o'clock. Therefore, when I woke up at 9 I was WIDE awake. What do you when you can't sleep?

Make Stuff!

So I purchased all these super cool bobby pins blanks a while back and figured I'd start playing. This particular pair are great, they're made from reproduction vintage metal buttons that I cut the shank off and polished flat. For once my dremmel wasn't dead (my boyfriend has a new fondness for it- I'm very close to buying him his own).

I also used it to drill holes and turn some fun stuff in to even more fun earrings! I made brushed copper flowers and the ubiquitous vintage Indian brass charms into even more fun earrings. I made far more than I posed in my shop to day too.

I've got a new goal, to relist or renew 5 items a day. That's $1 a day, or ~$30 a month to stay up in the listings. I think I can do it!
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  1. $30 a month - how much to you figure you have to make in sales to counter act that? Do you just figure one $30 sale or a certain percentage over.

  2. I love the bobby pins!

    I've been thinking of getting blanks too, since I have so many buttons, but the ones I came across are all expensive.

  3. Those bobby pins are so pretty!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    These are lovely!