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Well I've done it and taken the plunge to open a second etsy shop purely to destash myself. I came to the conclusion that I have more crafty stuff than I'll ever use, and that someone else could be using these things and I won't feel wasteful If I pass them on to someone else to use.

In addition I often buy in bulk when something inspires me, and then something happens.... or I get distracted by something else... and I've got a lot left. So nothing in the shop is junk or trash, they're all things I've bought to use myself at some point, and just didn't. Or I'll just never use the quantity I have.

So check it out.
Shooting Star Supplies at Etsy

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  1. Mrs.Kwitty Says:

    Yeah, good for you! I've have been toying with this idea too, I have way too much stuff stashed. It's hard to decide if one should just put a piece here and there in your regular shop or if you should take the plunge and open another shop for it. I'm still debating. Good luck with it--and I'm off to have a peek!
    Smiles, Karen

  2. katherine Says:

    thanks! there should be more stuff in it soon- getting organized to photograph is the hardest part I think!

  3. What is it about such things, I need to do the same myself, yet I am going to look at yours, because you never know.