Yay! It's a Winner!
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So Jared, an admin over at Etsy, had advertised a contest a while back to create a promotional posted that would be used to hand out at shows and events and the like. The posters were to be created using a treasury like tool with 16 images, which were sent in a convo to Jared.

The winners were supposed to be posted on the 8th I think, and then Jared let us all know that they had been "crushed" under a wave of entries. I figured with so many entries mine would never get chosen....

And so Wednesday was my birthday, and it was not quite the best of birthdays. Things have been bad in my personal life, and hadn't been helped by what is supposed to be a happy event.

BUT! I woke up to a convo from enamor who I featured in my poster thanking me for using her photo in my winning poster! So I had to go and check it out (you can see the other 59 winning entries here) and has a great time looking! Such beautiful work! And then I got a happy birthday convo from QuirkynBerkley who I made one of my first etsy purchases from (though from her other shop QuirkynBerkelytoo).
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