pretty pretty princess!
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I've been a busy busy girl this past week and keep forgetting to blog. Now that I'm single again I've been rearranging my house, and when the springs poked through my mattress this past week.... I knew what my birthday gift to myself was going be (two weeks early)! So my friend Heidi and I decided to spend an evening trying out mattresses and had a blast. I discovered that if you're tired enough, thousands of dollar for one of those hotel mattresses seems reasonable but they're sooo comfortable.

We discovered that full size beds are sold in the children's section... why? I don't know. Though we did have a blast climbing around bunk beds, princess beds, and baseball beds to try out the different types of mattresses. The bed pictured above was a Cinderella's carriage bed and was absolutely adorable (and actually the mattress I bought). Every one needs a pretty pretty princess bed.

I moved my bedroom, and put the new mattress in, and have started hanging some of my etsy art on the wall! photos coming soon!
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