What I've been reading on the net this past week:

*Anna Maria Horner has a new line of fabric out! I'm not sewing so much any more but.... I may need a fat quarter or two...

*Mallory over at MissMalaprop.com is having a give-away with A.N. Original Jewelry. She also wrote a post for styledash about indie designers ripping off other designers, and specifically in this case an awesome local New Orleans designer called Trashy Diva who was ripped off by someone she was wholesaleing too.

*Several places have recently picked up the story about Timbuk2's problem with their new Lamitron bags. (which I REALLY wanted one of). Target objected to the company recycling their plastic bags into a repurposed material. This highly dissappointed me, as not only did I want one of the lamitron bags, BUT i really like target as well and it makes me sad they couldn't get behind a green effort.

*I'm perpetually inspired by Lorimarsha's Flickr

*Creative coffins sells eco friendly cardboard /designer coffins! "Nontoxic .... for a distinctive and practical funeral"

*Randy Pausch died this week. He was one of the most inspirational people I've ever listened to. He gave a famous "Last Lecture" on "Acheiving your Childhood Dreams" and then after surviving longer than expected, gave a graduation speech at Carnegie Mellon. He was only 47.
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