It's been way to long since I last wrote. As many of you know I was sick much of last fall, and between work and school but blogging on the back burner. I had surgery the week of Christmas to have my tonsils out... and that is supposed to solve the whole sick and never really getting better part... we'll see. I'm feeling better than I was, but I'm still chalking that up to the two week vacation and having a million and one people stop by to check on me, bring me food, walk the dog, do housework etc.

I'd like to thank those of you that are still reading and finding my blog. There's been lots of traffic even though I've not been writing! So now that it's the new year- there's lots to be written about. As you can imagine, if I didn't have time nor energy to write, there wasn't a lot of time to be crafty either... but I'm starting off the year with a quest to finish works in progress (well those that are easily finished)

1. Katie's Wedding Quilt. It's one of the hardest quilts I've ever made, not because it was a hard pattern but that it was traditional and so not my style. It's a Triple Irish Chain in dark colors. She got married over a year ago (oops), needs borders and to be quilted.

2. Random Baby Quilt, made from the original Moda Robyn Pandolph. I started it for my niece when she was adopted (she's now 8) but they changed their color scheme after they told me what colors they were going to use. It's a nine block log cabin. It will probably end up on etsy when I'm done with it.

3. Quilt my mother left when she came to visit when I had surgery. Gift for my friend from home. She brought the quilt top to work on while she was here, and 'forgot' it when she left, and then called to ask if I'd finish it. It's little tiny octagons and triangles in pastel pinks, purples, and yellows.

4. One Block Wonder in Free Spirit's Marabella. This quilt has been "Almost Done" for months. I half quilted it and then couldn't decide if I liked it and took it off the frame. Needless to say it never made it back.

5. Blooming Nine Patch. This quilt's been in previous posts and was moving smoothly for a while.... not so much any more. I get tired of making 1,587,643,587,324,958,734 little nine patches. I know it's not REALLY that bad but I'm about as ADHD as they come.

6. Moda Blossom Quilt. This was a shop sample for the shop, and needs borders and to be quilted.

7. One Block Wonder- Asian by Alexander Henry. These are all cut, and pinned together in a pile in my "Studio". Notice the word studio in quotes. That's because there have been various people sleeping on the couch in there. I think I need to get rid of my pull out couch some days. This quilt is much farther from being done that the others.
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  1. beki Says:

    I'm so glad you updated - just this morning I was stalking your blog to see what was up!