So a good friend of mine IMed me the other day and was telling me about how I had to check out WOWIO. I've been trying to take a break from signing up for more sites that I don't need... but My excitement at the number of free quilting books quickly overwhelmed any practical sense of "Do you need to sign up for this?"

So from their site:
"What is WOWIO? WOWIO is a new kind of online bookstore that enables readers to download ebooks for free, using commercial sponsorships to compensate authors and publishers. Readers get free ebooks. Sponsors get a powerful new channel to communicate their message to precisely the people they want to reach. Publishers get a new means of distributing their books, expanding their readership, and monetizing their intellectual property."

Really- it means the $30 C&T Publishing or Martingale Press book that I've been wanting at the shop is free w
ith a couple of ad pages attached to the pdf file. The one caveat is that you have to sign up with a "real" email, not with a free service. I used my school email and have downloaded 9 so far. You can get up to three a day, with a maximum of 30 over the course of a month.

Some quilty highlights: search for "quilt".

Reverse Applique with No Brakez
Jan Mullen
82 pages (May 2003)
C&T Publishing; ISBN: 1-57120-200-5

Wheel of Mystery Quilts: Surprising Designs from a Classic Block
Helen Marshall
98 pages (May 2006)
Martingale & Company; ISBN: 978-1-56477-633-4

Spellbinding Quilts: Wizards, Witches, and Magical Characters to Paper Piece
Maaike Bakker
98 pages (October 2006)
Martingale & Company; ISBN: 978-1-56477-674-7

Quilts For Guys: 15 Fun Projects For Your Favorite Fella
Cyndy Lyle Rymer (Ed.)
82 pages (July 2001)
C&T Publishing; ISBN: 1-57120-165-3

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