I really do like random-ish emails. Not the spammy/porn type, but the discover a new place to shop, or a book I might not be able to live without type. Some days I think they do nothing but clog my inbox, but then there are other days I discover gems!

Today I recieved an email announcing "I've got Color" from CB2. And since I'm procrastinating going home to move the rest of the odds and ends from the old house, I opened it. CB2 is apparently a modern-ish home decor store similar to things you'd see from Chiasso and West Elm, but owned by my all time favorite of places to spend money Crate and Barrel!

So back to the email! CB2 has teamed with apartmenttherapy to host a "I've got Color" contest, with the winners getting fairly substantial gift cards to CB2 both at the regional level and at the national level. On a side note, the regions are random (maybe associated with CHB2 stores?) but the closest location to me is Chicago I think- they're probably about equal.

The gist is that they want to see photos of your spaces that you use color in, and how you use that color. The only caveat is that you need to be quick, October 15th is the Deadline for submitting photos.

Think I can get unpacked in time?
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