All needles 3I've had a series of bad days recently thanks to some hiccups in my personal life. I realized it's been 10 days since I've posted here and now I feel a little delinquent... so I've got some fun things to show you!

One of the local crafting stores here recently went out of business this past week, and the manager offered me a deal I couldn't pass up. I've talked to her a couple of times about selling things on etsy, and enjoying the community and being able to get great supplies as well as great handcrafted things (most of which I don't really need but they make me happy). So long story short she offered to make me the deal of a lifetime if I bought most of the needles she had left. Hence the photo you see in the upper right of this post. That's about half of what I walked away with!

I picked up lots of double pointed needles for knitting in the round (sized 5-10) that are plastic covered brass, Circular needles in both bamboo and the plastic/brass in all sort of sizes, and a variety of straight needles that are bamboo. There are also some assorted other odds and ends including crochet needles, cable hooks, stitch markers and a couple of learn to knit DVDs.

So I've started listing them at my other etsy store, Shootingstar Supplies, which you can find here. I think I've priced them below what you'd be able to buy them at a store on sale for, because I'm all about supporting the crafty ones! (and it's amazingly cool to look at hundreds of pairs of knitting needles in all different colors!).
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