I know it's still cold in many other parts of the country, but here in southern Louisiana it feels like it's almost summer already. I'm getting a late start due to lots to do at work, but I've been spending evenings in the garden to try and get some vegetables started. I started seeds last week with little peat pots, but the place where I've bought them before was out this weekend when I went to buy more. My neighbor helped me and we made tons of newspaper seed pots (I didn't write a tutorial but you can find one here). I used a $1 bud vase from walmart instead of a toilet paper tube, but it's the same principle.


I'm excited- having someone co-garden this year has energized me to really get going. We started 29 different things and still have a handful of seed packets to get to, but it's going to be grand (and a whole pantry full of canned food for the winter). My fig tree I was given last year has a whole 3 figs on it as well!

figs on my tree!
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  1. beki Says:

    thanks for that link! i'm using seeds for the first time this year. i planted them directly in the ground, but my cat has already done some damage (i'm hoping the cayenne pepper i spread out last night worked) - i still have a ton of seeds, so i think i'll try starting some in pots just in case the ones in the garden don't take.

  2. katherine Says:

    I always start them in peat pots or paper pots, there are so many cats here that they just dig and mess unless there are plants!

  3. Anonymous Says:
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